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Meet Fred Fassett "Psychic Fred":

Fred Fassett

Fred Fassett

Fred Fassett believes personal self-awareness to be the foundation of spiritual development. Inherent in each of us are talents, abilities and inner knowing - everything we need to exist in perfect harmony - right now!

Fred has dedicated his life to assisting individuals in their quest for spiritual enlightenment through the awakening and development of these gifts. Fred is available for individual readings, spiritual counseling, and offers group instructional Spiritual Retreats.

Fred is concerned about spiritual public awareness which will be more dominant and important as we move to the next millennium.

Achievements towards those goals:

1) Increased public awareness of this special field by:

Training and supervising the spiritual development of over 500 students on all levels of experience.Conducting monthly Psychic Fairs in Santa Barbara, CA.(1990-1997)

2) Appearing as a guest on radio and cable TV call-in shows:

  • Positively Incorrect Scott Cluthe.Sirius Satellite Radio CH114
  • Pugs & Kelly, KYNG, Dallas, Texas
  • The Morning Show, WCFX, Michigan
  • Kevin Matthews Show, CD94.7 WXCD, Chicago
  • "WOODY IN THE MORNING", 99.1 KGGI, San Bernardino, CA
  • "Visionary Guidance" with Ceann, KFMX, Phoenix, Arizona
  • "Night Visions", Q105, Oxnard, CA (weekly)
  • Timeless Voyager Radio, KYPA, Los Angeles
  • The Gary Stone Show, Palm Springs / Palm Desert, CA
  • The Lewis Mano & Jim Condon Show, WKDR, Vermont
  • Filming: "Dealing With Angels" episode of Sightings, OCR.1995