2012-2013 Predictions

© Fred Fassett 2012

It can hardly go unnoticed by anyone that the human species on Planet Earth has become extremely polarized in its interpretation of how Life works and what the best choices are for the planet as a whole. It’s this polarization – these extreme opposites of thoughts and beliefs, carried forward with deep emotions, that are causing the widespread natural and political upheavals that we are seeing everywhere now. The fires, the droughts, the floods, the massive storms, the earthquakes, the riots – all of these are occurring as opportunities for us to find common ground and learn to work together and appreciate one another. The more we resist opening our hearts to one another, hear one another, the longer these disasters and violence will last and the greater the devastation will be.

Mankind has always sought to control nature, harvest and corral it with little regard for repercussions both large and small. The ego of humans, as they struggle for dominion over the planet and all the creatures thereupon and, more alarmingly, over one another, is the reason we’re being thrown into such turmoil time and time again with increasing impact. And the “turmoil” is now reaching very disturbing proportions – so disturbing that I think it’s safe to say Mother Nature is quite tired of these troublesome inhabitants – the human species.

The purpose of life is to learn and grow – both as individuals and as a whole conscious species. But when growth is defined by dangerously disparate opinions, trouble will always follow. And, since Mother Earth’s primary goal is to continue to survive to support her “passengers,” she will fight to accomplish Her goal. Her fight is what you’re witnessing now. She is prepared to eliminate, from her surface, whatever is necessary to ensure her continued health and habitability.

Mother earth is attuned to each individual’s heart vibrations, just as God is. She knows who seeks harmony and kindness, and who works against these basic tenets of mindful living. She has the ones who are not aligned with harmony in her “sights” and seems determined to break their kneecaps (metaphorically speaking). So, expect upheavals of one sort or another that bring down those people who are overly invested in themselves. Being overly invested in Self translates to individuals who manipulate others for their own gain – people who have a “checkmate” approach to money and possessions and personal pleasure; people who don’t treat the world and others with grace and respect.

The human ego is a mysterious impulse, one that comes entirely from the head and bypasses the heart. Our consciousness rests in our hearts (or that part of our body around our hearts). If you only process your impulses through your head, you’re missing the boat. Our brains were meant as filtering mechanisms and sending/receiving devices – they were never meant to captain one’s entire life. That is the job of our hearts where our souls are anchored. It’s our hearts that need to guide our heads, not the other way around.

Those people who helm their lives with their hearts and invest their energy in the well-being of the whole, no matter how modest, are the ones who are plugged into the cosmos – Universal wisdom. It is your heart that resonates with Mother Earth and in turn, Mother Earth resonates with you and considers you a beloved friend.  In these times it is best to pay more attention to your heart energy – find the love and kindness there – because in doing so you quite likely won’t find yourself in danger. All others are walking across a minefield right now. 

As you have probably deduced by now, I’m trying to say that Mother Earth is continuing her cleansing with real passion, real determination. She must remove the least among us who are working against her and her inhabitants to make room for the best among us to move the planet into higher dimensions; higher vibrations; higher consciousness. Choose to be the best among us in service to others and trust that you will be taken care of through all the turmoil – be guided to safety, peace and joy.

This brings us to the upcoming US Presidential race. Though neither candidate is ideal because the system is thoroughly corrupt, there is one whose heart is at least in the right place: Barack Obama. In this presidential race, we come up against a distinct example of the polarity that’s gripped the United States – “Right” versus “Left.” I’ve come to realize from recent studies that have emerged that whichever polarity you adhere to, you’re doing so more due to neural wiring (brain wiring) than anything else. Let’s take a look at this….

If half the people in this country are “wired” to think conservatively and the other half is wired toward progressiveness, which do you think represents the higher path – who is the more evolved?? The “wiring” these scientists are referring to are two separate parts of the human brain: the amygdala and the anterior cingulate cortex.

Though I am no neuroscientist, the simple explanation of the differences in the function of the two brain regions is that the amygdalae in the brain are larger/more active in conservatives. [The function of the amygdalae is of a “fight or flight” nature and kicks into gear through fear. In other words, the amygdala is the seat of fear in our brains. It is also one of the more primitive (original parts of) the human brain.] The anterior cingulate cortex is better developed in the politically progressive mind. The anterior cingulate cortex is one of the newer portions of the brain and is responsible for higher orders of reasoning. It is also an element of consciousness whereas the amygdala affects the sub- and unconscious regions of the brain. The ACC (anterior cingulate cortex) is the seat of empathy and the desire to negotiate workable solutions.

If you tip your head here and try to see how each different brain configuration would affect thinking, I think most would agree that being guided in your life by fear would be less appealing than guiding your life with empathy. Fear, after all, is the polar opposite of love. Empathy of course, is an expression of love.

So, to some degree we’re literally talking about people with varying levels of evolutionary development here. The more “primitive” brain seems to have gotten stuck back in time somewhere whereas the more developed brain seems to have accumulated information over generations sufficiently to reshape itself into what we now understand to be “liberal” thinking.

If Mother Nature (or God) have been measuring our specie’s growth over the millennia, doesn’t it seem like there would be a preference to preserve those beings who have evolved and ultimately lose patience with those who have not? Being more “evolved” literally means to grow towards one’s own expression of Divinity. Less evolved is being lost in fear & self-preservation – growing in the opposite direction.

It’s right here where we bump into the challenge of “Self” versus “Other.” In their purist forms, conservatives would stand up and shout “Self!” whereas liberals would stand up and shout “Other!” And, indeed, that’s what this upcoming election is all about. What does your heart tell you? Have you evolved?

Well, my purpose here isn’t really to tell you how to vote. My purpose is to try and shed some Light on why Mother Nature is in such an upheaval and what perhaps can be done about it. She is looking for our species (which is dominant on the planet) to consider the “Whole” – to understand the impact any and all decisions have on her beloved Whole. Much of that Whole is now damaged, from huge numbers of human beings to the tiniest of fish in the sea. What choice, then, does Mother Nature have but to take corrective measures?

Which way the country swings in this election depends entirely on where higher consciousness rests. Have the majority of voting Americans finally reached their “Aha moment” wherein they realize nothing will improve, nothing will be healed, until all are embraced in a supportive, loving, and understanding way? Or are enough of us stuck in the fearful belief that, at all costs, abundance and safety and health care are for the privileged few?

It has long been my belief that people on the less enlightened side of evolution will either wake up or be removed from the reality we share. With an eye to this, I literally see a great light moving toward our planet. A light that will flood what remains of the human species with heart energy. Like most things psychic, timing is often obscure, but I feel it will arrive well before the end of this century. And, in that time, what remains of the flotsam of the self-serving will awaken (or be removed) and we will all finally look around and see our brothers and sisters everywhere we look.

As that Light approaches it’s not impossible it will elicit increased discordance before peace finally arrives. This is true because many people will become angry as their heart centers struggle to open. They will be forced to reckon with the anger and fear that has guided them all of their lives. This level of mass anger and disillusion could result in the collapse of many governments worldwide – much upheaval. The “final battle” as it were.

But the planet Earth is ultimately destined to be a place of peace and joy for all. A place where Nature returns to her full glory and in which we will flourish without effort.

These days will come, but the more people who align themselves in service to others, who care about their fellow man, the sooner these days of bliss will arrive.

There are many off-planet beings near us now. Both the good and the evil, but evil cannot harm you if you don’t give it an inroad to attach itself to you. Evil is attracted to negative emotions, so keep yourself above this temptation and forgive, forgive, forgive so you harbor no negative energy. Also, know – deep in your heart – that you are conscious and therefore blessed and guided.

Close your eyes and remember what the planet used to look like – use your imagination if you weren’t alive when it was pure and beautiful. Be aware of what has taken this from you . . . from your children . . . and seek to return it to its former glory. That makes you a friend to Mother Earth and she will hear you and show you the way – the path into the garden.

It is highly recommended that anyone seeking higher consciousness steer clear of negative media (which includes almost all of it). When you expose yourself to news programs, you’re exposing yourself to a fear vibration which is a style of media presentation meant to control you. Although it’s good to stay informed, becoming addicted to what is ostensibly false news, is not the way to do it. I would be hard-pressed to recommend a network (other than perhaps PBS) that will give you the straight scoop untainted by the drama the other networks are prone to in their efforts .

Be mindful that these are the days of goodness versus darkness. Go forth in Light and love one another . . . it is the only answer.

© Fred Fassett 2012