5 Zodiac Signs that Will Exhaust you with their Jealousy

When a man loves someone, he does not want to share them with anyone. Sometimes this exceeds all limits and leads to comic situations. Which of the zodiac signs will put a veil on your face and will gladly lock you in the house? Here are the 5 most jealous signs:


Scorpio is extremely jealous, he does not accept to communicate with other men (or other women), even with the most innocent. Therefore, in order not to provoke him, he respects subordination. By the way, do not think that he will not communicate with others – the representatives of this zodiac sign are very eager to communicate with the opposite sex.


Bulls perceive their partner as something that belongs to them and are very aggressive when someone demands the attention of their partner. It is noteworthy that, unlike Scorpios, they remain faithful to their loved ones and are not attracted to any relationships or adventures.


A family sign, which believes that the partner should be as loyal as he is. If Cancer’s partner prefers freedom and independence, he may feel uncomfortable in his clutches. You looked in another direction – the scandal is assured.


It’s hard to say why he’s jealous. Maybe because he loves you too much or he loves himself more and he definitely won’t stand any hint that you can be with someone else. If you dare to communicate with the opposite sex, a beautiful scandal awaits you at home, with broken vessels and other dubious pleasures with a jealous person.


Yes, he is aggressive. By the way, this does not only apply to your communication with the opposite sex. For example, this person will closely monitor your social media page, checking all the comments of suspicious people from your friends list. The best thing you can do – don’t provoke him and ignore all men. This is the only way to save your nerves.

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