Love Horoscope 2021

The Love Horoscope for 2021 brings amazing forecasts and comes with the necessary tips for all the signs, drawing attention to delicate periods in love and couple

Compared to the previous year, the love horoscope comes with more tense and delicate periods for all signs.

First of all, Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will retrograde for a long time in the Gemini sign, a sign responsible for communication, an aspect that will upset the couple’s relationships in 2021 and will bring about some drastic sentimental re-evaluations.

In the relegation period, that is, between May 13 and June 25, the possibility that the couple’s relationship that no longer works is very high and everything can break out due to contradictory dialogues or because of the superficiality that some can show in couple.

On the other hand, Mercury, the planet of communication, will have three major relegation periods in 2021, so it is easy to understand that how we interact and interact with others will be harder, harder, and those natives who will be impacted in the area of ​​love will have discomfort and discontent, tension and conflict.

Mercury will be retrograde as follows: between February 17 and March 10, Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius, between June 18 and July 12, Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer, and between October 14 and November 3, Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio and Libra.


For those born in the zodiac sign, the major interest will be the career in 2021 and less the sentimental relationships, but that does not mean that they will not be involved in any kind of love games. The 2021 love horoscope brings great openness to these natives for flirtation and adventure. They will be eager to conquer, highlight their sex appeal and if they get involved in relationships, they will have to offer them a great deal of freedom and independence.

Natives who are alone will have the chance to meet new people through courses or short trips, but also through the Internet. Natives who are in long-term relationships can strengthen their connection through communication and frequent outings with their loved one.


The fact that Venus, just their governor, will retrograde in 2021 will strongly impact those born in the Taurus sign, especially in the personal and relational sectors.

On the other hand, the natives will have a great chance to radically change their perception of love and to undergo transformations at the interior level that will positively affect the relationships with others.

Generally speaking, there will be two major trends. The first will be a return to a former love, considering that Mars, the planet that governs their relationships secondarily, will be in transit through the sector of the past for a good period of time, and the second will be attractive to people of other cultures and religion, people from abroad or acquaintances on a journey. The natives will be very attracted to partners with whom to share the same philosophies and conceptions of life, spiritually evolved people.


From a sentimental point of view, the 2020 love horoscope does not come with much good news. The natives will rather focus on themselves and less on tying a long-term relationship. However, they will be conquerors, adventurers and will prefer sexual relations, those relationships that do not involve obligations.

Delicate periods in love in 2021

Mercury, precisely their governor, will retrograde three times in 2020, between February 17-March 10, June 18-July 12 and October 14-November 3. Now it will take a lot of diplomacy and tact in the dialogue of the natives with those around them, especially with family members, because tensions can arise from the blue. These revaluation periods will be beneficial in the long term in restoring the harmony in the home.

On the other hand, starting in May, the natives will concentrate very much on their own person and too little on the others and from here they may be born again, a series of conflicts and may receive reproaches from their loved ones.


Those born in the Cancer zodiac will have much of a fork in 2020 due to the fact that all the heavy astrology planets will transition into their partnership and marriage sector. More than ever, these natives have to be patient and make a great deal of effort if they want to stay with their life partner or if they want to start new relationships. On the other hand, the love life of the Racers will be marked by a lot of passion, an increased libido and a desire to be intimidated, which is why it is not excluded to have strictly sexual adventures.


The way those born in the Leo sign will manifest their love and how they will receive it will be quite sober and serious. First and foremost, they will be more willing to work and strive to bond or strengthen a relationship. Natives will be more rigid in their feelings in 2021. On the other hand, they may have the chance to start love stories with colleagues or superiors, with people they know at work or through the profession.


For those born in the Virgin sign, the 2021 love horoscope comes with intense challenges and moments. The heavy planets in astrology will transit the sector of love and it is clear that there will be a lot of turmoil in this area. The biggest risk in 2021 will be that the natives will have a tendency to become overly deluded and thus to believe that they have met their soul mate.


This year, those born in the zodiac sign will have many intense moments. The natives will be more restrictive in terms of the manifestation of love, but on the other hand they will have a lot of energy in the couple’s consolidation, energy that the single ones will channel to find the right pair. Natives will be curious and eager to experiment, they will be attracted by unconventional relationships and by extroverted and nonconformist partners. We point out that sex appeal and the power of seduction will be high.


Those born in the zodiac sign, despite their characteristic possessiveness, will become much more libertine and will need more independence in the couple. On the other hand, natives will want to experiment on an intimate, erotic level and can easily enter into amorous adventures, clandestine or strictly sexual relationships. The 2021 love horoscope gives these natives the opportunity to break away from the past, whether it be memories that remain undigested or former relationships.


Those born in the zodiac sign enjoy the long transit of Mars through the love sector. Thus, the horoscope of love 2021 brings a lot of energy, a lot of passion and determination both in the consolidation of love stories and in the construction of new sentimental relationships. The natives will have fun, flirtation and adventure and will be eager to meet new people, and those already in solid relationships will be able to fall in love with their partner and ignite the flame of passion in the couple. Natives can start new relationships with people in their surroundings or through a friend.


It will not be a sentimental year, but those born in the Capricorn zodiac will know how to cope with new experiences and challenges. Most likely, natives will want independence and freedom in love and those alone will run away from long-term commitments. The love horoscope 2021 brings powerful passions, burning, but the faster they light up, the faster they go out. Natives will be far too focused on their own person to care about what is going on in their emotional life. A number of natives can be attracted to people with professional relationships, possibly even colleagues from the workplace or superiors, people with positions and status. In 2021 it is time to rediscover and find out what they really want from the person next to them.


Venus will transit much of the year the love sector and natives who are alone will have great chances to start new relationships. Also, if we talk about solid couples, this transit can bring some opportunity for them to become parents and thus strengthen their bond. At the same time, the year 2021 brings them greater openness to flirtation and conquest and the natives can be opened to sentimental adventures. Aquarius can be attracted to people from abroad, from the academic environment or with whom they share the same beliefs, philosophies and mentalities. A new love may appear on a road, on a journey.


Even if there are no special events or unusual events in the sentimental life of those born in Pisces, the natives will have experiences that will liven up their year. Those alone have the opportunity to meet new partners at parties, in an academic or professional context, and the natives who have fallen prey to the monotony and habit in the couple, will now be able to overcome the routine and regain the passion. Natives who are emotionally or financially dependent on their partner may be able to break free in 2021.

4 zodiac signs who have bad luck in love in 2020

Find out who the horoscope’s most unlucky natives are when it comes to love. The popular saying that “good luck with your hand” may be true to a degree. When it comes to love, especially, nothing is certain, and the influence of the stars can matter more than you think. Find out right now which are the most unlucky signs when it comes to love life!

4 people who have bad luck in love


Unfortunately, bulls are among the unlucky horoscope fortune tellers. To them, bad luck comes exactly when they least expect it, often after years of good relationships. A quarrel, a moment of inattention and ready. The beautiful story is likely to disappear.


Libra is unlucky in love, but this is because of them, not just because of astral influence. If they were no longer so demanding, if they did not seek perfection – an ideal – they would be less successful in love.


Unfortunately, capricorns are among the unlucky natives in love. But some of them don’t even want to find their true love. Maybe they should be more open and certainly more optimistic!


Although the fish are among the unlucky natives in love, if they do not lose hope, the natives of this sign will find their true love, in the end!

How about the other zodiac signs


The Aries natives are not necessarily unlucky in love, but they may have life-long emotional problems because they are very stubborn and never want to compromise. And, as we well know, in every couple, partners must know how to make compromises if they want the relationship to be lasting.


Fortunately, luck or misfortune in twins comes as a result of the loving behavior of the respective native. Specifically, if the twin likes to fly from flower to flower, he will hardly find a serious relationship. If, on the other hand, he seeks true love, then he has every chance of finding it.


In this way, in this chapter, the cancer resembles the twins – their actions determine their luck or misfortune in love. But there is something else to them – the mood – that matters. Their optimism or negativity influences their happiness in the couple.


Fortunately for them, lions have no luck in love. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have emotional issues. If they were not so full of them they could avoid the problems.


The virgins dream of princes and princesses, of love until deep in old age, of sincere love … But only some natives of this zodiac will succeed in living it. The rest have high chances of being left alone.


If there is a horoscope native who does not have problems of a amorous nature, that is the native scorpion. From this point of view, the scorpions are really happy!


The Sagittarius does not necessarily have bad luck, but, throughout his life, he goes through several periods – some very good, some very unhappy. You just have to still believe in love! Aquarius The stars are likely to have pity on the poor native


– the dreamer in him is too busy with different things, so he has more time and love. But sooner or later he will want someone close!

April 2020 Love Horoscope

Monthly Love Horoscope APRIL 2020 reveals the opportunities, challenges or situations we need from the Universe. APRIL is announced intensely from the astral point of view. Find out how these will affect your love life.


Try to get rid of the stress that burdens your daily life and keeps you away from your loved ones. Put it all aside and try to improve your relationship with your partner and family. The planets will help you think more mature and find a way to solve these problems. If you are alone, try socializing more in the online environment. You will expand your circle of acquaintances whom you can then know in reality.


There may be fluctuations in the love life and a state of instability, but you have all the time in the world to remedy this problem. The partner can make some extras that will shock you, but do not stop the lines of communication. You will see an improvement in the atmosphere between you. Be more calm and conciliatory, and the results will be seen. If you are alone, do not stress. The end of the month can bring you the release you need so much! Be patient and keep your optimism!


The planets will give you the necessary impetus to put things in order in your couple relationship. You can get closer to your partner, through moments of love and tenderness. By the end of the month, you will feel even more sensuality and passion between yourself and your partner. It is a good time to tell him what you have on your soul, to solve every thing that is incomprehensible between you. If you are alone, do not expect things to happen to you. You participate in their accomplishment. Give the message to the person you like. Pleasant conversations can emerge that will further the monotony.


You are optimistic about your couple relationship. Spend more time with your partner, tell yourself the steps, increase intimacy and increase passion and sensuality. The partner is delighted and will answer you with the same currency. The relationship will know a new beginning and will flourish. Plan the future after this situation is over. If you are alone, do not be afraid to tell the person you like what you feel. Send him a message and see what comes out of it.


The couple’s relationship is flourishing. The time spent together gives you the opportunity to clarify many unclear aspects that gave you a headache. Feel the harmony re-establishing itself between you and your partner and find new ways, which are more inventive beyond this period. If you are alone, work harder at self-confidence. Do not isolate yourself at all, the online environment can give you a “training” scope for flirting.


This month offers you the opportunity to get even closer to your partner, to enjoy beautiful things together, to recall pleasant memories from the beginning of your relationship. Spend more romantic and sensual moments, and the atmosphere becomes intense between you. Leave everything negative behind and look forward with confidence. If you are alone, make the first move and approach the person who aroused your interest. Success lies with the daring.


The love life is about to reach new heights. The time spent together will resolve many tensions that have arisen over time. You put order in your life, you get rid of the insecurities related to the partner. In turn, it opens its soul in front of you and you can have that honest preservation that will set you free. If you are alone, the stars are favorable to an idyll. Virtual for now, but it is not known how it will end after everything goes through.


You feel the need to talk openly with your partner about the things that led to the cooling down between you. You are both striving to build something new, more solid, to take it all the way and believe in each other. A bright future is ahead. It may not be easy, but you are definitely willing to go along with it and strive to be good. If you are alone, do not turn away from friends. Talk to them, send them messages. Fortunately, technology allows you to stay close to them, even if you are far away.


The love life goes through a good period. You rebuild your relationship with your partner, you have more time to stay together, to lay a new and solid foundation for your future. Quit complaining about anything, stop ceasing your partner with the pressure of guilt. You can have more fun than you did before, even if you don’t go out. You’re adventurous enough to be different every day. If you are alone, your aura needs more energy. Don’t be discouraged. Stay with your family, talk to your loved ones, talk to your friends. You can use the online environment to expand your circle of knowledge. It will do you good virtual socialization too.


Feel the need to increase the level of tenderness and sensuality in the couple. Talk openly with your partner, avoid making accusations and build with him what you want. You have the chance to clarify many shady places in your relationship and put everything in order. IF you are alone, socializing can do you good. You can’t go out, but you can talk online. Keep your eyes open even if you think you are “protected” behind the screen. Do not reveal too much to protect your privacy.


The love life can go through a positive period, thanks to the time spent together. Communicate more, say what you have on your soul. Express your feelings, your worries, even if you may have shocking revelations. Now is the right time to heal wounds and build your future in harmony with your partner. If you are alone, flirting can help you overcome difficult times. But that doesn’t mean you can flirt with anyone. Make a rigorous selection of those you communicate with online.


You feel the need to correct things in your life and get rid of everything that is negative. Be calm and patient. There is a lot to be developed. The couple’s relationship can be improved if you take care of both your needs and those of your partner. You show sensitivity, tenderness, romance. He will respond to the same extent. If you are alone, approach the person you like. It can be fun to spend your isolation separately, but together. An idyll can start from here and in the course of it become something serious.

Top 3 zodiac signs that always have luck in love

True love can be extremely hard to find for some signs, but some of them are masters at finding the love of their lives. They are very sensual and can easily conquer anyone they want.


Lions have very confident people on them, they trust their own forces, and this makes them very attractive. Their luck in love comes from the fact that lions always know what they want and do not deviate from their path. There are some people who can dominate you if you are a weaker angel. The natives in the lion zodiac do not accept half measures, which is why they choose only partners who possess all the necessary qualities.


Scorpions are very demanding with them, but also with the people around them. This causes them to make a rigorous selection regarding the partner in their life. Natives in the scorpion sign never rush to make a relationship, I know the rush hurts the job. The attitude that the natives in the scorpion have is very sexy, they do not talk much and, in whatever I say, they leave a trace of mystery. It is precisely this characteristic of the scorpions that makes them have a very great luck in love: the mystery.


Fish have a lot of love to offer, and people around them notice this. The natives in the fish are very warm, gentle, very communicative, but also sincere people. No wonder the native in fish is highly desired. The natives in the zodiac sign are by no means superficial persons and do not know feelings that bring them negative states. They are loyal people, they would never cheat on their partner. Usually, the people around fall in love with fish for what they really are, and not for other reasons that are not based on feelings.

True friendship is a blessing. If you have a friend who has the following signs, keep her for life! She is a true friend!

True friendship can be extremely rare today. Some signs are born to be friends and to share love and sincerity on an unconditional level. A true friend is a real blessing and can make you easily overcome any problems that arise along the way.


Natives in the Gemini sign are true museums of kindness and sincerity. They will never talk to you badly and give you heartfelt advice, which you can follow without any worry. They are very charismatic and will make you fully trust you when you feel the world crashing around you. You are very lucky if you have a twin friend. You take care of her all her life because she is unique.


Natives in the virgin zodiac can pick you up when you are on the ground or when you feel no one understands you. They will never judge you or try to make you feel guilty about certain things. They support you unconditionally when no one else is near you. They do not listen to what other people around you say, they know that you have a very good heart and that you will not hurt anyone.


Natives in capricorn zodiac are like sisters. With these you can discuss anything without fear that your secret will be revealed. If you want a sincere opinion, a friend in the capricorn sign will tell you the truth without thinking. You are very lucky to have a friend in the capricorn zodiac. She will protect you in any situation and will never act to satisfy only your own interests. Keeping it as long as possible near you will help you evolve.

Sagittarius horoscope 2020

This year you will focus more on your goals in life, the ambitions and the direction you want to take. You will have the ability to show a lot of patience, organizational spirit and power of concentration. Your attention is directed to the financial situation. Give seriousness to the way you approach the work you do, take on responsibilities and seek to reward your efforts. Sometimes you will be inclined to melancholy and take things too seriously; to some extent you will lack the joy and optimism and sometimes you will look too much towards the dark side of things.

However, you will not easily get what you want and you will have to show a lot of patience, perseverance and perseverance. You will face the reality and your own limitations. If by your nature you are not practical and ambitious you will have to strive hard to get what you deserve and if you are then this is a year in which you can evolve. In any case it is a year in which you will have the opportunity to make changes and in which you will mature. Everything you build now will bring you satisfaction in the future but will not be without sacrifices.

From a medical point of view you should pay attention to the problems related to the skin, teeth, nails and hair. Be careful to mineralize and not exhaust because you can be absorbed in your ambitions and neglected. You want power and you are able to exercise it; you are confident and you can give order, lead and direct your subordinates very effectively although you are usually in a position to be more respected than loved by them. As far as socializing is concerned, you may be able to distance yourself from others due to lack of time and as a result you can move away from those close to you who do not understand your attitude. Make sure that at the end of the year you do not wake up alone.

Also, this year is a year in which you are concerned about the practical and material aspects of life. You have great work power and you are able to show a lot of concentration. If you use your skills in a proper way you can even benefit from material growth or finding new sources of income. You are stronger and have a strong will. You are also tenacious and persevering and you want to test everything through experimentation and practice, you appreciate people, things and ideas for their practical applications. You are ambitious, in a certain way reserved and focused on your own person and on certain occasions you can prove very stubborn. Do not change very easily, you lack the power of adaptation. Your opinions are quite fixed and your feelings strong. You can be attracted to expensive and luxurious things and this area should be carefully watched so as not to overdo it with expenses.

Financial Horoscope 2020

This is an aspect that can enrich or ruin you, in any case change in your financial state will be great. And here’s how it works: depending on your ability to speculate on crisis situations, to work with the properties, values, assets of others you can make a profit from the present moment. The only condition will be to do something about it. You can benefit from inheritance, loans, commissions, crisis management, signing favorable financial contracts, your partnership relationships and any activity that involves working with others or through others. But here are the dangers. If you do nothing in these directions, you can expect a situation that will bring you financial damage and will cause you to completely change your value system, forcing you to make much greater efforts to cover the losses or it may be of a major acquisition but not necessarily wise, Among the possible situations are: natural calamities, losses due to others (deception, theft), major social situations. In the weekly personalized horoscope you will have scored both the favorable days and the difficult ones with the description of the possible situations in each case.

2020 Relationship Horoscope

Retrograde Mars: September 10 – November 14

This aspect brings the need to deal with the irritation and conflicts in certain situations or relationships where such an attitude can be totally useless. Aggression or impulsivity is not the answer for all situations and you can learn a new tactic.

Mars reveals in this position the desires, passion, ambitions that have been forgotten, repressed or undeveloped. Circumstances and interactions with a loved one can create situations where these impulses become more obvious, harder to control and the inability to manifest them directly generates frustration. On the other hand, it brings to the fore the consequences of previous mistakes. Mars indicates a tendency to act impulsively. He does not fight for a cause but for the pleasure of getting involved in the fight. But this is not a time to respond to the challenges, but a time to analyze your mistakes, rethink your actions and find a new way to get what you want. If you are involved in difficult circumstances in your relationships, you cannot defend yourself from criticism. You can evaluate to what extent you cause some of the stresses created by being more aware of this.

Mars retrograde in its most negative manifestation can make you put yourself in a difficult situation that will cause you suffering. If you express your feelings too suddenly and too directly you will not be understood or you will not do it at the right time. If you refuse to talk about them, you can generate frustration and at some point you will burst in an inappropriate manner. You may be able to get out of this situation but you may be pleased throughout this period. A common situation may be that you cannot accept an obvious truth about a sentimental relationship and cause stress to those around you, or it may trigger an unplanned event that can be avoided but you yourself change your life. and the others depending on that event, etc. Another situation can be related to fears, hesitations that can make you withdraw into a relationship when it is not the case. This relegation can cause self-destructive attitudes and can represent a negative attitude in relationships. If you focus on these issues, the solutions can be found and you should not stay in these situations.

Mainly it is not advisable to act impulsively, if you feel frustrated try to find the cause of this (and analyze in particular if it is not a problem related to competitiveness, selfishness or independence – to you or to your loved one), if you have fears or states of anxiety does not withdraw you in isolation and does not remove others from you. It is a very good time to fix the relational problems because now you can see things from another angle.

Horoscope for work and career 2020

This year there may be a change related to work or working conditions. Changes may be initiated by you or beyond your control. Temporary work positions or breaks in activity are possible. You can change the company you work for or you may have transferred to another department. Some will want to work independently on projects they choose on their own or take it a step further and create their own business by becoming independent.

If you keep your old job, changes in your daily routine are likely and can lead to moving the office, temporarily changing tasks, new work procedures or installing new computer equipment. During the transition period, simple procedures become very complicated and normal operations will be disrupted. In very negative situations, especially those involving conflicts and even sabotage, work can reach a dead end.

Schedule changes are also possible this year. A flexible or rotating schedule may be adopted and you may have the opportunity to do your work schedule yourself. If there is no change in your work this can start to get on your nerves, become stressful especially if you are restless and need change. You will easily get bored of repetitive tasks and unnecessary restrictions. If everything goes well any change in your service will involve a variety of tasks and greater freedom. You need a position that offers you challenges associated with a changing schedule and the freedom to work to your true potential.

If you try to do the same thing in the same way you will generate stress. Changes are not only probable and necessary for progress to take place. Until adjustments are made and the new form of organization is not introduced, your daily activity will be constantly interrupted by small crises. This is also valid if you have your own business. Interruptions may occur during the transition period to new procedures or may be those that require the implementation of new procedures.

Taurus Horoscope 2020

This year you will feel the need for a major change in your lifestyle, your location or even the way you look. The transformations that arise from the anxiety associated with this year’s issues can reach many areas of your life. If you become aware of this, you will not only receive these changes well, but even initiate them yourself. You will be waiting for more years for an interesting period, but in a certain way exhausting. If your lifestyle no longer meets your needs you will feel bored, restricted or anxious. It is a time for a new beginning and it is to your advantage to take risks and make the necessary changes. However, you must keep in mind that in these steps you will have to rely mainly on yourself.

Most changes are focused on the need to act independently. There is a strong desire for freedom of action. The activities in which you are involved may require you to function separately without the assistance or significant involvement of others. Your behavior can be disorienting or destructive. If those around you are not ready for the changes you will make, they will perceive you as a person they cannot depend on, unpredictable and unmanageable. You must understand that others may see this process as a lack of stability. But if you are afraid to make changes, those around you will do it for you. Your daily routine may be interrupted by others especially if you try to stay the same as everything around you changes. Surprises and unexpected events will make everything unpredictable. This is a time for flexibility.

Financial Horoscope 2020

During the periods February 18 – March 10; June 19 – July 12; October 16 – November 3 personal gains (salary, receipts) can go through a more difficult stage (unless we talk about investments, which we discussed in the previous section) and there is the possibility of delaying or blocking regarding finances, calculation errors or estimates in revenue management, especially regarding new activities. The factors that affect you are: misunderstandings or lack of communication, mistakes in acts, wrong reasoning or scattering of attention and the inability to focus on one direction. The financial problems that have not been solved so far can now benefit from a solution by approaching them from another angle and this opportunity will manifest itself at the beginning of the relocation period. It is not a favorable period for the purchase of electronic equipment, but you can repair the existing defects in case you already have one. Any financial discussion during this period will not be completed until after April 4 or if something is settled now, additional factors will come later.

Venus will stay with the twins from April 4 until August 7. In this period you will pay more attention to finance with this aspect. You may have the opportunity to earn your money more easily without having to do extra work. The essence of this interpretation is money received. The most common manifestation is that money comes easier because you work less and earn the same or even diminishing earnings increases the quality of life. You may also feel more comfortable with the money you have or earn, so it is very likely that you have anticipated possible salary reductions and either paid off your debts or made adjustments in the way you spend. so that the financial losses do not affect you. Another common manifestation for this aspect is an increase in salary or available funds. As a rule, the additional payment will not imply an increase in the efforts or time allocated to the work. If you work as a sales agent, it is possible to increase your commissions without increasing the burden. If you are employed on a fixed salary you can benefit from an increase or premiums.

2020 Relationship Horoscope

From September 10 to November 14, Mars is retrograde. This aspect brings the need to deal with the irritation and conflicts in certain situations or relationships where such an attitude can be totally useless. Aggression or impulsivity is not the answer for all situations and you can learn a new tactic.

Mars reveals in this position the desires, passion, ambitions that have been forgotten, repressed or undeveloped. Circumstances and interactions with a loved one can create situations where these impulses become more obvious, harder to control and the inability to manifest them directly generates frustration. On the other hand, it brings to the fore the consequences of previous mistakes. Mars indicates a tendency to act impulsively. He does not fight for a cause but for the pleasure of getting involved in the fight. But this is not a time to respond to the challenges, but a time to analyze your mistakes, rethink your actions and find a new way to get what you want. If you are involved in difficult circumstances in your relationships, you cannot defend yourself from criticism. You can evaluate to what extent you cause some of the stresses created by being more aware of this.

Mars retrograde in its most negative manifestation can make you put yourself in a difficult situation that will cause you suffering. If you express your feelings too suddenly and too directly you will not be understood or you will not do it at the right time. If you refuse to talk about them, you can generate frustration and at some point you will burst in an inappropriate manner. You may be able to get out of this situation but you may be pleased throughout this period. A common situation may be that you cannot accept an obvious truth about a sentimental relationship and cause stress to those around you, or it may trigger an unplanned event that can be avoided but you yourself change your life. and the others depending on that event, etc. Another situation can be related to fears, hesitations that can make you withdraw into a relationship when it is not the case. This relegation can cause self-destructive attitudes and can represent a negative attitude in relationships. If you focus on these issues, the solutions can be found and you should not stay in these situations.

Mainly it is not advisable to act impulsively, if you feel frustrated try to find the cause of this (and analyze in particular if it is not a problem related to competitiveness, selfishness or independence – to you or to your loved one), if you have fears or states of anxiety does not withdraw you in isolation and does not remove others from you. It is a very good time to fix the relational problems because now you can see things from another angle.

Throughout the year, those who are not married, will hesitate to take this step without a real analysis and without understanding what exactly such a reality entails. Aspects predispose to realism, practical sense, organization and all relationships will be subjected to this test. For those who are married, there will be a period when you will probably need to assume more in the marriage relationship. More situations are possible and you will probably face a greater or lesser degree with all. First of all, it will not be as easy to get your life partner’s collaboration for various reasons, problems in his life may have to be dealt with – related to service, financial, relational, etc. – and to deal with them more. for a long time, he may experience a decrease in self-confidence and become hesitant, he may have to leave for a period of time for service reasons, etc .; it may be necessary for you to do certain things to support it and to perceive it as a burden or a limitation of your personal freedom. Either of these situations will first appear to be a test of your involvement in the relationship. If the relationship is stable and built on a solid basis, it will be more difficult for you, but you will overcome these moments if there are major problems between you, you will flirt with the thought of giving up. At the end of the period, this transit will leave you more mature, more responsible and more aware of your situation in terms of relationships.

Horoscope for work and career 2020

This can be an extremely stressful and distressing time especially if you have allowed your life to run in an organized routine that cannot be changed easily. This is a tense period because your desire for change and new experiences seems hampered by circumstances or other people. If you have experienced unpleasant conditions in terms of service or career, they will become much harder to bear now. The tension can become so great that you will resort to radical actions that you would not have anticipated a short time ago.

During this period you will meet the challenge of making a creative change without triggering a destructive revolution. If you try to cope with the pressure of the situation, longing for change in the face of the obstacles that arise, you will experience a strong tension that does not do you good health and especially with regard to your nervous system.

Some are extremely aware of the need for change in their lives. When they are hit by this influence, the changes begin to take place which can be quite annoying and unpleasant. These changes can also take the form of accidents that often represent a consequence of releasing tension from the subconscious.

You will have problems with any relationship that seems to hold you in place. Relationships can be broken now, but not those in which both partners are open to new and challenging experiences. This pivot represents a threat to structures that have become routine and rigid.

Your work situation can become oppressive if you are assigned new responsibilities without the stimulation or opportunity of a new experience. And here is the danger of a sudden interruption if you fail to incorporate change into your daily routine. You have the feeling that those in authority are oppressive and are the target of your negative energies.

From a positive point of view, you have the ability to show patience in relation to what is happening and you can sense the need for change, but you want to hurry things and put everything over your head. However, you can make these changes in an orderly manner. You can present ideas to others with tact, care, logic and yet manage to impress them with your original thinking. Your employers and superiors will appreciate your disciplined approach to new and original ideas if you choose this way of expression.

Yearly 2020 Astrology Predictions

Until December 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn will appreciate integrity, common sense, patience, reflection, wisdom, accuracy, discretion, retention, reliability, self-control and self-confidence. And we can achieve our ambitions by developing self-discipline, responsibility and the ability to organize and structure our lives, to open ourselves to new experiences and to explore other ways to materially and spiritually enrich ourselves.

Ambition is the currency of Capricorn, integrity is its main value, hard work is the basic concept of the reality of the Capricorn sign. “Reality” is indeed a key word of Jupiter in Capricorn that takes us close to everything we have tried to wear with other clothes.

This horoscope made according to the energization of the astrological houses (the areas of our life) by Jupiter in Capricorn is more accurate for those who know the sign of the ascendant, so if you know the sign of the ascendant, first read the horoscope for the ascendant and then for the sun sign.


Keywords – Career, status, reputation

Jupiter in Capricorn will be on hand in House X, a house that talks about career, reputation, social position, professional ambitions, politics, social life. There are opportunities for professional expansion and positive developments in your career. This energy can put you in the light of the spotlight, receive certain bonuses for recognizing your work, you can make an important journey, you can participate in events that extend your life in a positive direction. The focus is on the profession, career, status, reputation, increasing your confidence, you can travel more and these trips are related to your career. You can receive help from influential people, you can receive an important prize. You must be realistic and moderate in your decision-making process. With Jupiter in Capricorn as a challenging aspect with your Sun in Aries, you should be careful of some traps that could nullify all the benefits. Basically, this influence is a test of discipline, correctness, morality. Sometimes, you may feel that life offers you everything you need, without any effort from you, but this is also a false notion. Sometimes this aspect encourages ego, excessive pride, arrogance, so in this case you must learn that pride goes before the fall. In certain circumstances, this influence conflicts with the law or with someone else in a court of law. Now, the lack of vigilance, the harmful associations of the past bring betrayal, legal or administrative inconvenience. Errors, negligence in the career are sanctioned. Basically, this influence is a test of your discipline and self-mastery. If Jupiter gets upset, do it because you got off the right path, you weren’t paying attention. Pay attention to the business you do (you can enter into associations with people you will actually lose) because you can very easily lose money. And do not forget, Jupiter saves but also judges. You must strive to respect the rules and the higher laws of life.


Jupiter in Capricorn will be on hand in house IX, a house that talks about high knowledge, higher education, foreignness, relationship with strangers. Jupiter in this house stimulates your intellect, gives you vitality, enthusiasm, intuition, dreams that are achieved, achieved through moral qualities and faith. Social expansion or profit can come from travel, abroad, internet, faith, higher education. Jupiter favors travel to other countries, you can find a job abroad, you can increase your knowledge. You will set aside your prejudices and explore deeper spirituality, connection with God. This year will also be very good for solving some legal problems. Promotional activities are highly favored and could be an important key to your success in foreign business. Your mind is more expansive and tolerant and you are less stressed than usual. Because of this, you may be able to get a clear perspective on your life, your place in this big world. Belief in your purpose and in a higher sense of your life will help open doors for your development. Jupiter in Capricorn in a friendly earth sign with the sign of your Sun, offers an abundance of positive experiences, though not necessarily from the outside world. The gift that you can receive is often manifested as greater self-confidence which encourages you to see what is best in yourself and to accept others as they are. Can it also bring a reward for past work, so success should come? from whatever you worked hard for. Generosity can play a significant role for you, because there is the possibility of gaining a greater understanding of what you have to offer. This may mean that your talents become more accessible to be recognized by others. It is an excellent time to help others in any way possible, because you have access to a greater wealth of resources than usual. Strengthening your vitality can serve to rejuvenate your being. Regardless of what you earn by December 2020, your prosperity will not only be linked to money but also to your knowledge, the transmission of the truth about who you are. It is a wonderful year (2020) to work on expanding projects and promoting their own goals. You will feel greater protection and divine guidance, you will be at the right place and at the right time. Traveling is very beneficial, it can help you to extend your joy but also your knowledge in an important way. You will learn a lot easier now and you will have a special interest in philosophical or metaphysical topics or you may be involved in legal issues that will be in your favor. Relationships can be improved.


Jupiter in Capricorn will hold your hand in the 8th house, a domain of shared or received goods, intimacy, fidelity, common finances with the spouse, the partner’s income, commissions, credits, trust in the partner, land taxes, spiritual taxes . You are accompanied by an energy that can light your way to everything that is hidden and will block you in business, intimate life, money, credits, games for power, secret relationships. The magnificent Jupiter can reward you with financial gifts, an inheritance, with the love of your life. But what is most important this year is that Jupiter can become for you the teacher who will teach you live about the secrets of life, about the death of the ego and your transformation. It is a year of great changes in which sudden, unexpected and quite rapid things happen. You may feel that you are out of control as your life changes and aligns with something better. Jupiter in the 8th house is also an extension of your intuition, let yourself be guided by it knows best what you need to do to be well, to balance yourself financially, to liquidate certain bank loans. Increases the responsibility for managing a wealth, inheritance, leading a group, favors situations where you can work in a group, self-transformation, self-mastery, a higher level of understanding, intuition, compassion, wisdom. Jupiter in Capricorn in conjunction (karmic aspect of 150 degrees) with the Sun in Gemini, stimulates a permanent agitation and a desire to exceed your limits, the problem is to know first how far you can go. Your path may undergo many changes this year, even if you think you are quite grounded in a position, a role, a project, something is happening and will change the direction. The conjunction appears every time you can do something, get something but at a loss, give up something. Many adjustments are necessary, you must be flexible, you are on a ramp and if you are not careful, you can unbalance. And do not forget, Jupiter saves but also judges.

Psychic Fred Predictions for 2020

I have recently become aware of a darkness permeating the energy of various parts of the Earth’s surface. The darkness, of course, is a manifestation of insufficient heart-light in these areas. Darkness always brings learning opportunities, so we must be alert to what lessons may offer themselves if we find ourselves in a “trouble spot”.

Light/Dark polarization continues to increase bringing with it disharmony on all levels.  This disharmony is usually expressed in third dimension discomfort—earthquakes, disease and difficult weather being the most common.

Some of the areas of the United States that will experience these discomforts are:

Much of the East Coast will likely experience earthquakes that could be between 3.0 and 5.0 over the next 12 months. Some of the areas that I see are New Jersey, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and Delaware. Extremes in weather may also be an issue – I see considerable wetness being a problem for some time to come.

The Midwest, primarily Chicago will also see some of this activity.

As always, these experiences are a reflection of imbalance. Out of fear of the future, there is an increase in negative people (particularly those in powerful positions) taking advantage of those who are more positive. It’s another example of those who are in service to themselves using others to accumulate “more” (more money, more possessions, more power) in the belief such accumulation will keep the wolves from their door. The wolves, of course, will come anyway—in the form of things that money cannot control.

There has been a bit of an upset in the city of Philadelphia, but that seems to have been temporarily settled for now. Eventually, there will be a shocking surprise revolving around prominent Philadelphians.

There are also disturbances in Chicago involving some children. There appears to be a group of children there who are involved in a learning program unsuitable to their natural abilities. They are seen as underdeveloped, when in fact they are an evolutionary mutation demonstrating a new mind skill.

I see much havoc in Japan—their islands are actually floating on water – unstable land. With upcoming earthquakes, I see the inundation and disappearance of some of these islands.

Naturally, California will continue to experience its earthquakes, but I don’t see anything overly alarming for them.

China has been building an enormous damn and in the construction thereof has been creating the threat of disastrous flooding because they are using inferior building materials. In order to complete this project, millions of Chinese are being uprooted from their rural homes and farms and being placed in housing within the cities. Although they will be receiving government subsidization for losing their homelands, they will not adjust well to city life.

Problems in Korea will continue to accelerate and are a reflection of ancient conflicts. Like many ancient civilizations, Korea is said to have been created by a prince of the heavens. Upon his arrival on earth, the prince was approached by a tiger and a bear. Both animals asked the prince of the heavens to turn them into humans. The prince gave each animal instructions to go into a cave and consume nothing but garlic and mugwort for a month. If his instructions were followed correctly, each would emerge from their cave as human. The bear obeyed perfectly, but the tiger did not. At the end of the month, the bear emerged as a beautiful woman whom the prince married. Their union begat the first emperor of Korea, Tangun, the Sandalwood King. The tiger eventually found his way north where he too became human. But the tiger and the bear—each now human—have been jealous enemies ever since.

As most of you know, the conflict in the Middle East is an ancient one (5000 years) and stems from the time of Abraham. Abraham’s sons, Ishmael and Isaac, the progeny of a handmaiden (Hagar) and the wife (Sarah) respectively, begat the nations of Israel and Arabia. Each nation considers Abraham to be their patriarch and each believes the son that begat their nation to be the son promised by God. The disdain these nation’s hold for one another is a very old family feud based on jealousy. This large-scale family conflict is the primary wound in the human psyche that needs healing. It is a reflection of the conflicts all over the world that will not go away until we all learn to honor one another. All of God’s children hold divinity and to hate any of them is to dishonor God.

. . . . . .

The “new children”…

As I’ve been saying for the last few years, the Universe has begun to bring in “new” children. These children, who began appearing in the early 1980’s contain large quantities of light and will lead us into the rebirthing of the Earth. We’ve come to call these young beings the “Indigo Children” because they represent a higher frequency of Light—having a greater capacity for unconditional love, intelligence and creativity. They arrive on Earth with already established knowledge,  having been allowed to hold knowledge learned in other dimensions. These children often display unusual behavior, acting out in peculiar ways because they aren’t being allowed to express the qualities they came here to express. Established societies all over the world are trying to tie the hands of these children in order not to disturb the status quo. But this is a big mistake. They have come here to help us shift into a higher consciousness and we are judging them such that some of them are turning negative—shutting themselves down according to their astrological signs.

These children sometimes appear to have learning disabilities, but that is only our limited assessment of them. Frequently they seem to have difficulty settling down and concentrating but this has more to do with them picking up the stressed energy around them. We need to find a different approach to teach them basic life skills while encouraging them to be expressive, because it is from that expressiveness that their gifts will emerge. In addition to all these wonderful qualities, these children are often talented psychics and healers.

Soon, there will be yet another influx of gifted children. They will be called the “Crystal Children” who will pick up where the Indigo Children left off.

All of these new children are coming here to show us how to use our spiritual power to correct what has gone wrong, world-wide. They are coming to show us the things we have forgotten. Many of them will be drawn toward political careers in order to affect the needed changes.

These new children also understand the messages in the (legitimate) crop circles—the most complex of which are cross-dimensional communication efforts. They are attempts from the higher vibrational realms to alert us to various possibilities. The crop circles are created by thought forms turned into sound vibrations which have a geometric pattern to them.

. . . . . .


Religion, as we know it, of course is changing. So many beliefs that provided the original foundations for various religions are still based in the idea of controlling people. Religion, by its very nature, is a means for dictating behavior by limiting human expression. There was a time in our development when such limitations were potentially helpful, providing rules of accepted behavior from which civilizations would emerge—providing a framework in which to exchange ideas. But with this positive also came the conflicts which continue to burden us today.

Personal spiritual awareness, conscious attempts for enlightenment and one’s own relationship with the guidance and healing available from the higher beings, and ultimately God, is the direction many are taking. Because these people have not established a “formal” religion, their numbers are unknown, but I suspect they are vast—a potential “power-base” from whose good works and love mankind will evolve into exalted states of awareness, selflessness and peace.

Neither Jesus nor Buddha were “in it” for the riches and fame. Neither asked their followers to worship them, nor build temples and churches in which to contain, to wall-off, their ideas. Neither suggested congregations where people could ban together in tribal ego where those not within its walls were considered inferior or wrong. The messages were of love, acceptance, understanding, peace and a personal journey toward one’s own divinity.

. . . . . .

Oil and the Economy…

The Earth is running out of oil. This is a fact. We have, perhaps, sufficient oil resources to last us another twenty years at the current rate of usage. Many wonderful things are made from petroleum, specifically the plastics we use in medicine. Why do we continue to burn it as fuel to run engines when alternative power sources are available?  The answer, of course, is the money it generates for a few power-hungry groups. The concept that material wealth will keep them safe, as I’ve said, is a misconception on their part. The lessons will still come, now or in future lifetimes. In the meantime, when the oil is finally gone, or has become so expensive no one can afford it, our children and our children’s children will have to create entirely new lifestyles than we have done. Imagine what the world will look like with billions of cars, planes, trains piled up in useless heaps everywhere . . . . 

It is the fighting over oil that will eventually force new lessons down our throats, bringing us to the awareness of the greed of others. Seeing these people for what they are and removing them from power one way or another. That we still allow ourselves to be manipulated by self interest groups is a giant lesson leading us toward ascertaining truths for our own selves, being alert to the motives of others. How will those in service to themselves learn the error of their ways if we continue to play into their hands?

The economy will remain somewhat volatile, but will generally move upward for a time. In the U.S., the presidential election outcome will affect it. If big money politics is allowed to stay in power, the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” will, of course, increase as that is the agenda of these people. For a time we will continue disconnecting from handling actual paper money, relying on ATM cards, paying bills on-line, etc. But we would be wise to keep some actual money on-hand. It is not impossible to find yourself completely fund-less if you rely totally on computers to control the comings and goings of all your money.

. . . . . .


Creativity needs a shot in the arm. It has been somewhat stifled by the media moguls of the world, particularly in the U.S. Much of the media industry is now owned by the same self-interest groups that are trying to dominate politics. Though they still want to make money from their productions, much of what you see on television, hear on the radio these days contains subliminal messages geared toward making you want material things, sexual highs, outlandish adventures. These people would have you believe that what matters in life is watching your own butt and accumulating as much as you can. “Forget about the other guy, buy our products and be happy.”  We cannot evolve toward a higher expression of ourselves if any are left behind, so we can’t “forget about the other guy.”

. . . . .


As I’ve said, there is a lot of weather shifting going on. It will continue to do so. 2020 will see a cooling off in Southern California as well as a great deal of water coming into the U.S. deserts. The average temperatures around the world will be higher than normal, which is why the polar ice caps are diminishing. It is the introduction of this additional water into our weather patterns that will increase precipitation worldwide. The overall warmer air and additional water “in the system” will create more storminess everywhere. This, of course, is a planetary cleansing, the end result of which will be up to us.

. . . . .

A word about fear…

As most of you know who have a metaphysical sensibility, fear brings that of which you are afraid. There is a lot of air-wave chatter about fear, in particular fearing that mysterious creature called a “Terrorist”. This is what I would recommend—do not buy into other people’s interpretation of what’s going on. If your lessons in life bring you close to a terrorist situation, learn what you can from it and move on unafraid, for fear is the enemy. Terrorists want to instill fear. The darkness wants you to be afraid—for in that fear you can be controlled. If you feel afraid, ask God to remove your fear. He will. You can move on in peace.

A fully functioning “Light Worker” cannot be in fear. Fear cannot live where love is.

Remember too, that there is much profit to be made from chaos and fear. It is to some peoples’ advantage to perpetuate it fear, keep us off-balance, distracted. They know if we are afraid we will buy whatever it is they are selling to be safe. Be careful of this.

. . . . .

Unusual happenings…

There is the possibility of new foods being discovered. Perhaps they’ve been here the whole time, but my sense is that Mother Nature may begin to provide new vegetable species that provide flesh-level protein. Also, I feel new animals will appear in odd places. This could simply be an extension of weather changes, who knows?

. . . . . .

Some astrological notes…

In late 2020, Saturn will go into Leo and may give the stock market a real boost.

Configurations of Saturn and Pluto will bring secrets out later this year. Things people have sought to hide will come out into the open.

. . . . . .


Although there are new medications to extend the health and life of AIDS patients, it will continue at an epidemic scale for some time. A cure will eventually be found but it’s hard to say when. The pharmaceutical companies may be holding back new discoveries with regard to cures to maximize their profit potential.

Cancer will soon not be a problem. Not only are we finding cures, but we are discovering the mental/emotional bases in many cancer scenarios. The “cure” may simply be a re-educating of mind-set!

Negativity brings disease. In China, they have all types of plants to heal severe diseases, and we in the West have gotten away from that. Instead we have been using all kinds of medicine which poisons the body.  Many, many people have died from various diseases because their bodies are subjected to treatments so violent that the spirit just up and leaves.

. . . . . .

Inner Peace…

Comes from loving. Do not be jealous or envious of anyone. Be in your own divinity – know your place in God. Give of yourself. Do not judge. The messages from God and the higher dimensions are available to us everywhere, in books, in a brief happy exchange with a stranger.

It is true that these are the times of giant egos attempting to cordon off the best pieces for themselves. Political upheaval and strife everywhere these days is a demonstration of this. Dictators killings thousands and thousands of people for not agreeing with them. These people that are leaving the planet in droves from these latest conflicts are moving on to the other side very traumatized. They will heal and are, indeed, martyrs to the cause of standing up for what you believe in.

Those of us desiring peace must devote much time in spreading peace and love in our own immediate circles and pray for those entrenched in battles everywhere. We also can stand back and watch as the ones on the ego trips waste away in increasing amounts of negative karma. Do not darken your souls by hating these people—know that they are on a learning journey too, just sort of at the back of the class!

. . . . . .

The War in Iraq…

I know we all hope it will somehow resolve itself in a constructive manner, but as long as we in the U.S. misunderstand our role in the big picture, we will experience this war. Our job has never been to beat the crap out of people we perceive as evil. All we can ever do is offer education and physical comforts in the hope of helping victims gather some strength and clarity to change their own reality. Granted, in some cases this is very difficult, but I feel diplomatic negotiations facilitated by an international, unbiased group (the United Nations, for instance) is the only way to accomplish positive change.

The current administration is, of course, making many mistakes. They have been very naïve in their perception of how the sea of humanity ebbs and flows in its efforts to grow. They have a rather simplistic notion of performing as the world’s sheriffs in order to force change. Force of any kind will only be met by resistance. How could it be otherwise? So, as long as we are intent on forcing our ideas onto others, we will be in some kind of war.

. . . . . .

 Slow down…

If you believe you have to run very fast in order to survive, that will be your destiny. The truth is, you can manifest all your needs and desires in grace and harmony. Follow your hearts toward what they want to express. That is where you will find your purpose and rewards.

. . . . . .

The trap of toys…

The belief that we need the newest bells and whistles keeps us from being who we are—keeps us mesmerized into believing life is nothing more than a struggle for material possessions. Life is an opportunity to grow, to find our way back to the Source, to rise to our fullest potential. How can we do that if we’re worrying about the size of our house or our television screen?