Love Horoscope 2021

The Love Horoscope for 2021 brings amazing forecasts and comes with the necessary tips for all the signs, drawing attention to delicate periods in love and couple

Compared to the previous year, the love horoscope comes with more tense and delicate periods for all signs.

First of all, Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will retrograde for a long time in the Gemini sign, a sign responsible for communication, an aspect that will upset the couple’s relationships in 2021 and will bring about some drastic sentimental re-evaluations.

In the relegation period, that is, between May 13 and June 25, the possibility that the couple’s relationship that no longer works is very high and everything can break out due to contradictory dialogues or because of the superficiality that some can show in couple.

On the other hand, Mercury, the planet of communication, will have three major relegation periods in 2021, so it is easy to understand that how we interact and interact with others will be harder, harder, and those natives who will be impacted in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlove will have discomfort and discontent, tension and conflict.

Mercury will be retrograde as follows: between February 17 and March 10, Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius, between June 18 and July 12, Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer, and between October 14 and November 3, Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio and Libra.


For those born in the zodiac sign, the major interest will be the career in 2021 and less the sentimental relationships, but that does not mean that they will not be involved in any kind of love games. The 2021 love horoscope brings great openness to these natives for flirtation and adventure. They will be eager to conquer, highlight their sex appeal and if they get involved in relationships, they will have to offer them a great deal of freedom and independence.

Natives who are alone will have the chance to meet new people through courses or short trips, but also through the Internet. Natives who are in long-term relationships can strengthen their connection through communication and frequent outings with their loved one.


The fact that Venus, just their governor, will retrograde in 2021 will strongly impact those born in the Taurus sign, especially in the personal and relational sectors.

On the other hand, the natives will have a great chance to radically change their perception of love and to undergo transformations at the interior level that will positively affect the relationships with others.

Generally speaking, there will be two major trends. The first will be a return to a former love, considering that Mars, the planet that governs their relationships secondarily, will be in transit through the sector of the past for a good period of time, and the second will be attractive to people of other cultures and religion, people from abroad or acquaintances on a journey. The natives will be very attracted to partners with whom to share the same philosophies and conceptions of life, spiritually evolved people.


From a sentimental point of view, the 2020 love horoscope does not come with much good news. The natives will rather focus on themselves and less on tying a long-term relationship. However, they will be conquerors, adventurers and will prefer sexual relations, those relationships that do not involve obligations.

Delicate periods in love in 2021

Mercury, precisely their governor, will retrograde three times in 2020, between February 17-March 10, June 18-July 12 and October 14-November 3. Now it will take a lot of diplomacy and tact in the dialogue of the natives with those around them, especially with family members, because tensions can arise from the blue. These revaluation periods will be beneficial in the long term in restoring the harmony in the home.

On the other hand, starting in May, the natives will concentrate very much on their own person and too little on the others and from here they may be born again, a series of conflicts and may receive reproaches from their loved ones.


Those born in the Cancer zodiac will have much of a fork in 2020 due to the fact that all the heavy astrology planets will transition into their partnership and marriage sector. More than ever, these natives have to be patient and make a great deal of effort if they want to stay with their life partner or if they want to start new relationships. On the other hand, the love life of the Racers will be marked by a lot of passion, an increased libido and a desire to be intimidated, which is why it is not excluded to have strictly sexual adventures.


The way those born in the Leo sign will manifest their love and how they will receive it will be quite sober and serious. First and foremost, they will be more willing to work and strive to bond or strengthen a relationship. Natives will be more rigid in their feelings in 2021. On the other hand, they may have the chance to start love stories with colleagues or superiors, with people they know at work or through the profession.


For those born in the Virgin sign, the 2021 love horoscope comes with intense challenges and moments. The heavy planets in astrology will transit the sector of love and it is clear that there will be a lot of turmoil in this area. The biggest risk in 2021 will be that the natives will have a tendency to become overly deluded and thus to believe that they have met their soul mate.


This year, those born in the zodiac sign will have many intense moments. The natives will be more restrictive in terms of the manifestation of love, but on the other hand they will have a lot of energy in the couple’s consolidation, energy that the single ones will channel to find the right pair. Natives will be curious and eager to experiment, they will be attracted by unconventional relationships and by extroverted and nonconformist partners. We point out that sex appeal and the power of seduction will be high.


Those born in the zodiac sign, despite their characteristic possessiveness, will become much more libertine and will need more independence in the couple. On the other hand, natives will want to experiment on an intimate, erotic level and can easily enter into amorous adventures, clandestine or strictly sexual relationships. The 2021 love horoscope gives these natives the opportunity to break away from the past, whether it be memories that remain undigested or former relationships.


Those born in the zodiac sign enjoy the long transit of Mars through the love sector. Thus, the horoscope of love 2021 brings a lot of energy, a lot of passion and determination both in the consolidation of love stories and in the construction of new sentimental relationships. The natives will have fun, flirtation and adventure and will be eager to meet new people, and those already in solid relationships will be able to fall in love with their partner and ignite the flame of passion in the couple. Natives can start new relationships with people in their surroundings or through a friend.


It will not be a sentimental year, but those born in the Capricorn zodiac will know how to cope with new experiences and challenges. Most likely, natives will want independence and freedom in love and those alone will run away from long-term commitments. The love horoscope 2021 brings powerful passions, burning, but the faster they light up, the faster they go out. Natives will be far too focused on their own person to care about what is going on in their emotional life. A number of natives can be attracted to people with professional relationships, possibly even colleagues from the workplace or superiors, people with positions and status. In 2021 it is time to rediscover and find out what they really want from the person next to them.


Venus will transit much of the year the love sector and natives who are alone will have great chances to start new relationships. Also, if we talk about solid couples, this transit can bring some opportunity for them to become parents and thus strengthen their bond. At the same time, the year 2021 brings them greater openness to flirtation and conquest and the natives can be opened to sentimental adventures. Aquarius can be attracted to people from abroad, from the academic environment or with whom they share the same beliefs, philosophies and mentalities. A new love may appear on a road, on a journey.


Even if there are no special events or unusual events in the sentimental life of those born in Pisces, the natives will have experiences that will liven up their year. Those alone have the opportunity to meet new partners at parties, in an academic or professional context, and the natives who have fallen prey to the monotony and habit in the couple, will now be able to overcome the routine and regain the passion. Natives who are emotionally or financially dependent on their partner may be able to break free in 2021.

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