Psychic Fred Predictions for 2021 – Chinese Year of the Ox

On February 12, 2021, the year of the Rat ends and we enter the year of the Buffalo, considered a year of the Beginning, Renewals and Changes. So in 2021 all the signs must expect changes, new opportunities, discoveries and surprises.

You can discover a certain talent and make it a way of life, you can meet your great love or you can start a new life in another country. Everything is possible in 2021, the year of the Buffalo.

The most important tip: accept the changes and take the best of each new situation, do not resist the surprises that the Ox makes next year!


The year 2021 comes with big surprises! Because they come from the Metal Ox, look at the year as a big piece of cheese, with many holes, these are new opportunities that you must take advantage of and opportunities to completely change your life.

You get great chances of financial gain, career advancement, new and profitable collaborations and the opportunity to be recognized for your efforts so far.

In love, a fabulous year is announced! If you have been thinking for a long time about starting a family with the person you already have with you, 2021 is the right year. All marriages founded in the year of the Metal Ox are lasting and happy. If you are single, for now, get ready to meet your soul mate!


Slowly and very consistently in general, the Buffalo will receive a special energy this year. You will be even more adventurous than ever in 2021, but you will also enjoy stability and comfort. You will not get bored for a second in the year of the Ox!

In 2021, the buffaloes alone will find their half, at most, somewhere far from home, and the person you meet in this, is very likely to become your partner for life.

A tip from an astrologer: learn to be more romantic, more involved in your relationship with your partner, more attentive to his needs and a little more tender! A simple gesture or a single beautiful word can work wonders!

And in your career you will do well! The Year of the Metal Oxbrings you career advancement, business success, prosperity and prosperity.


The Metal Ox will constantly throw tempting perspectives into the Tiger’s path so that his eyes light up – which one to follow? At the same time, you are not allowed to hesitate: whoever hesitates – loses! The tiger is very lucky anyway, but in 2021, in your life it will be like a lottery in which you have all the winning tickets.

In love, the Tigers will manage not only to find a suitable partner, but also to fall in love with the tulip, experiencing the passion in all its nuances. Married tigers are advised to get more involved in family life, to pamper and help your partner in household chores and to be very careful and caring!

One of the surprises, prepared by the Ox for the Tiger in 2021 is the unexpected wealth. Many Tigers will gain financial independence due to the discovery of a new source of income, others may lose money practically from the sky.


In 2021, the Rabbits had positive emotions, romantic moments, favorable circumstances, supporting friends, more money, but prick up your ears so that your luck does not escape!

You have all the chances to receive an inheritance, to change your job and / or to have your salary significantly increased!

You are calculated and cautious, and this is to the liking of the Metal Ox, who will reward you with gifts and surprises. Even in love! However, leave it softer with flirting if you are married, as you may be caught on the wrong foot.

The only ones, however, have interesting experiences and fun on the treadmill. Listen to your heart and everything will be fine!


The Metal Ox comes to you with many surprises and emotions. You may also encounter situations that will seem difficult to you, but with a lot of calm and optimism, everything will be solved miraculously.

The results are announced accordingly! Success in love and success in your career, what more could you want ?!

In 2021, you will enjoy the admiration of the opposite sex and many adventures are announced, which could lead to a long-term relationship. It is expected all the chances for a marriage even, why not, the appearance of a child.


This year you can change your skin and be reborn! You get all the chances to change your life and start over, on a much better path! You will perceive everything as a breath of fresh air.

The snake, usually cautious and calculated, will lose its mind in a whirlwind of intense feelings, with a person who will appear in your life when you least expect it. The Ox will bring in 2021 an extra passion, harmony and balance in your married life.

In caries, small obstacles may appear, but the specific calm will help you get over it and the stars encourage you to start a business on your own, to carry out a dream, to lay the foundations of an older desire.

Astrologer’s advice: stay away from intrigue and conflict, don’t gossip and go your own way. If you respect this, only joy will be announced for you financially and in your career.


In 2021, you are more ambitious, hardworking, hardworking and more resilient than ever, and the Metal Ox gives you the strength to finish the race victorious, the first on the finish line!

Sentimentally, you may be a little agitated. Jealousy, irascibility and arrogance specific to both the Horse and the Ox bring tension in the relationship with the loved one, so be honest and involved in the love story.

And if you don’t feel like being there anymore, it’s best to get out of the race amicably and start over with someone else.


The positive changes for Capra natives will occur from January 2021 and will continue throughout the year. On a sentimental level, there are a lot of interesting emotions and experiences, completely different from what you have experienced so far. You will have an irresistible charm that will attract fans like a magnet. The luckiest of them will end up living unforgettable moments with you and, be very careful, wedding bells will ring!

The married year of the Goat, the year 2021 of the Ox will bring romantic states.

In the year of the Metal Ox, Caprei will constantly come up with new ideas related to quick earnings and organizing her own business, which will be successfully realized.


For the Monkey natives, 2021 is a year of surprises, of new beginnings, of “Point and start!” Moments. and they will have to adapt quickly to change. Do not struggle with the news in your life, on the contrary, try to enjoy what is in store for you

And the sentimental life will go through certain changes, and if you feel that your place is no longer next to your current partner, nothing will stop you from getting out of the story!

Being overwhelmed by a whirlwind of passion and emotions, the impulsive and restless Monkey may not be able to adopt a serious attitude and choose her partner for a lasting relationship. He probably doesn’t have to either – in the year of the Ox, the ideal partner will do everything he can to win his heart.


2021 is a very important year, in which the leadership of the Rooster can be manifested with all impetuousness, but the the website advise you to moderate your arrogance because it could turn against you! In the year of the Metal Ox there is no place for intrigue, lies or walking with the painted lizard. Be honest, human and common sense and you will have a sensational year!

However, the Rooster is not afraid of difficulties, and having an ingenious and daring personality, he will surely find in the Year of the Ox the possibility to stand out and collect the laurels of the winner!

The favorable influences of the Year of the Metal Ox will allow the Rooster to become more delicate and attentive with his loved one, which will bring him personal happiness.


In 2021, the Dog will have the energy, determination and strength to win the big bone! And it won’t necessarily take hard work because the Oxwill reward them for their courage and hard work. However, do not relax too much because the prosperity and success of the Dog in the next 11 years of the zodiacal cycle depend on the efforts made in 2021.

The lonely natives of the Dog sign will know in 2021 the happiness of reciprocal love! The master of the year, the Ox, will hear their secret desire and will offer them a partner, who will understand them with his eyes, will give them care, attention, the feeling of peace and security.

In 2021, ambitious and strong, the Dog will tear apart all the evil ones, will confidently bypass rivals and will easily make his way to financial well-being.

The Ox will push him to make rational decisions, based on pure logic, and not on feelings of the moment. Also, to motivate and inspire him, he will bring small victories to the Dog.


Everything that the Wild Boar will do in 2021 will continue to develop and evolve, and this will make the representatives of this zodiac sign in the Chinese horoscope work with even more dedication.

in 2021, the Wild Boar will prefer the flirtation to have a sequel, and the only passionate night could turn into a long and happy family life.

The things that the Wild Boar could hardly imagine in his dreams, will suddenly become quite achievable in 2021 – it is important not to miss a chance!

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