Sagittarius horoscope 2020

This year you will focus more on your goals in life, the ambitions and the direction you want to take. You will have the ability to show a lot of patience, organizational spirit and power of concentration. Your attention is directed to the financial situation. Give seriousness to the way you approach the work you do, take on responsibilities and seek to reward your efforts. Sometimes you will be inclined to melancholy and take things too seriously; to some extent you will lack the joy and optimism and sometimes you will look too much towards the dark side of things.

However, you will not easily get what you want and you will have to show a lot of patience, perseverance and perseverance. You will face the reality and your own limitations. If by your nature you are not practical and ambitious you will have to strive hard to get what you deserve and if you are then this is a year in which you can evolve. In any case it is a year in which you will have the opportunity to make changes and in which you will mature. Everything you build now will bring you satisfaction in the future but will not be without sacrifices.

From a medical point of view you should pay attention to the problems related to the skin, teeth, nails and hair. Be careful to mineralize and not exhaust because you can be absorbed in your ambitions and neglected. You want power and you are able to exercise it; you are confident and you can give order, lead and direct your subordinates very effectively although you are usually in a position to be more respected than loved by them. As far as socializing is concerned, you may be able to distance yourself from others due to lack of time and as a result you can move away from those close to you who do not understand your attitude. Make sure that at the end of the year you do not wake up alone.

Also, this year is a year in which you are concerned about the practical and material aspects of life. You have great work power and you are able to show a lot of concentration. If you use your skills in a proper way you can even benefit from material growth or finding new sources of income. You are stronger and have a strong will. You are also tenacious and persevering and you want to test everything through experimentation and practice, you appreciate people, things and ideas for their practical applications. You are ambitious, in a certain way reserved and focused on your own person and on certain occasions you can prove very stubborn. Do not change very easily, you lack the power of adaptation. Your opinions are quite fixed and your feelings strong. You can be attracted to expensive and luxurious things and this area should be carefully watched so as not to overdo it with expenses.

Financial Horoscope 2020

This is an aspect that can enrich or ruin you, in any case change in your financial state will be great. And here’s how it works: depending on your ability to speculate on crisis situations, to work with the properties, values, assets of others you can make a profit from the present moment. The only condition will be to do something about it. You can benefit from inheritance, loans, commissions, crisis management, signing favorable financial contracts, your partnership relationships and any activity that involves working with others or through others. But here are the dangers. If you do nothing in these directions, you can expect a situation that will bring you financial damage and will cause you to completely change your value system, forcing you to make much greater efforts to cover the losses or it may be of a major acquisition but not necessarily wise, Among the possible situations are: natural calamities, losses due to others (deception, theft), major social situations. In the weekly personalized horoscope you will have scored both the favorable days and the difficult ones with the description of the possible situations in each case.

2020 Relationship Horoscope

Retrograde Mars: September 10 – November 14

This aspect brings the need to deal with the irritation and conflicts in certain situations or relationships where such an attitude can be totally useless. Aggression or impulsivity is not the answer for all situations and you can learn a new tactic.

Mars reveals in this position the desires, passion, ambitions that have been forgotten, repressed or undeveloped. Circumstances and interactions with a loved one can create situations where these impulses become more obvious, harder to control and the inability to manifest them directly generates frustration. On the other hand, it brings to the fore the consequences of previous mistakes. Mars indicates a tendency to act impulsively. He does not fight for a cause but for the pleasure of getting involved in the fight. But this is not a time to respond to the challenges, but a time to analyze your mistakes, rethink your actions and find a new way to get what you want. If you are involved in difficult circumstances in your relationships, you cannot defend yourself from criticism. You can evaluate to what extent you cause some of the stresses created by being more aware of this.

Mars retrograde in its most negative manifestation can make you put yourself in a difficult situation that will cause you suffering. If you express your feelings too suddenly and too directly you will not be understood or you will not do it at the right time. If you refuse to talk about them, you can generate frustration and at some point you will burst in an inappropriate manner. You may be able to get out of this situation but you may be pleased throughout this period. A common situation may be that you cannot accept an obvious truth about a sentimental relationship and cause stress to those around you, or it may trigger an unplanned event that can be avoided but you yourself change your life. and the others depending on that event, etc. Another situation can be related to fears, hesitations that can make you withdraw into a relationship when it is not the case. This relegation can cause self-destructive attitudes and can represent a negative attitude in relationships. If you focus on these issues, the solutions can be found and you should not stay in these situations.

Mainly it is not advisable to act impulsively, if you feel frustrated try to find the cause of this (and analyze in particular if it is not a problem related to competitiveness, selfishness or independence – to you or to your loved one), if you have fears or states of anxiety does not withdraw you in isolation and does not remove others from you. It is a very good time to fix the relational problems because now you can see things from another angle.

Horoscope for work and career 2020

This year there may be a change related to work or working conditions. Changes may be initiated by you or beyond your control. Temporary work positions or breaks in activity are possible. You can change the company you work for or you may have transferred to another department. Some will want to work independently on projects they choose on their own or take it a step further and create their own business by becoming independent.

If you keep your old job, changes in your daily routine are likely and can lead to moving the office, temporarily changing tasks, new work procedures or installing new computer equipment. During the transition period, simple procedures become very complicated and normal operations will be disrupted. In very negative situations, especially those involving conflicts and even sabotage, work can reach a dead end.

Schedule changes are also possible this year. A flexible or rotating schedule may be adopted and you may have the opportunity to do your work schedule yourself. If there is no change in your work this can start to get on your nerves, become stressful especially if you are restless and need change. You will easily get bored of repetitive tasks and unnecessary restrictions. If everything goes well any change in your service will involve a variety of tasks and greater freedom. You need a position that offers you challenges associated with a changing schedule and the freedom to work to your true potential.

If you try to do the same thing in the same way you will generate stress. Changes are not only probable and necessary for progress to take place. Until adjustments are made and the new form of organization is not introduced, your daily activity will be constantly interrupted by small crises. This is also valid if you have your own business. Interruptions may occur during the transition period to new procedures or may be those that require the implementation of new procedures.

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