Taurus Horoscope 2020

This year you will feel the need for a major change in your lifestyle, your location or even the way you look. The transformations that arise from the anxiety associated with this year’s issues can reach many areas of your life. If you become aware of this, you will not only receive these changes well, but even initiate them yourself. You will be waiting for more years for an interesting period, but in a certain way exhausting. If your lifestyle no longer meets your needs you will feel bored, restricted or anxious. It is a time for a new beginning and it is to your advantage to take risks and make the necessary changes. However, you must keep in mind that in these steps you will have to rely mainly on yourself.

Most changes are focused on the need to act independently. There is a strong desire for freedom of action. The activities in which you are involved may require you to function separately without the assistance or significant involvement of others. Your behavior can be disorienting or destructive. If those around you are not ready for the changes you will make, they will perceive you as a person they cannot depend on, unpredictable and unmanageable. You must understand that others may see this process as a lack of stability. But if you are afraid to make changes, those around you will do it for you. Your daily routine may be interrupted by others especially if you try to stay the same as everything around you changes. Surprises and unexpected events will make everything unpredictable. This is a time for flexibility.

Financial Horoscope 2020

During the periods February 18 – March 10; June 19 – July 12; October 16 – November 3 personal gains (salary, receipts) can go through a more difficult stage (unless we talk about investments, which we discussed in the previous section) and there is the possibility of delaying or blocking regarding finances, calculation errors or estimates in revenue management, especially regarding new activities. The factors that affect you are: misunderstandings or lack of communication, mistakes in acts, wrong reasoning or scattering of attention and the inability to focus on one direction. The financial problems that have not been solved so far can now benefit from a solution by approaching them from another angle and this opportunity will manifest itself at the beginning of the relocation period. It is not a favorable period for the purchase of electronic equipment, but you can repair the existing defects in case you already have one. Any financial discussion during this period will not be completed until after April 4 or if something is settled now, additional factors will come later.

Venus will stay with the twins from April 4 until August 7. In this period you will pay more attention to finance with this aspect. You may have the opportunity to earn your money more easily without having to do extra work. The essence of this interpretation is money received. The most common manifestation is that money comes easier because you work less and earn the same or even diminishing earnings increases the quality of life. You may also feel more comfortable with the money you have or earn, so it is very likely that you have anticipated possible salary reductions and either paid off your debts or made adjustments in the way you spend. so that the financial losses do not affect you. Another common manifestation for this aspect is an increase in salary or available funds. As a rule, the additional payment will not imply an increase in the efforts or time allocated to the work. If you work as a sales agent, it is possible to increase your commissions without increasing the burden. If you are employed on a fixed salary you can benefit from an increase or premiums.

2020 Relationship Horoscope

From September 10 to November 14, Mars is retrograde. This aspect brings the need to deal with the irritation and conflicts in certain situations or relationships where such an attitude can be totally useless. Aggression or impulsivity is not the answer for all situations and you can learn a new tactic.

Mars reveals in this position the desires, passion, ambitions that have been forgotten, repressed or undeveloped. Circumstances and interactions with a loved one can create situations where these impulses become more obvious, harder to control and the inability to manifest them directly generates frustration. On the other hand, it brings to the fore the consequences of previous mistakes. Mars indicates a tendency to act impulsively. He does not fight for a cause but for the pleasure of getting involved in the fight. But this is not a time to respond to the challenges, but a time to analyze your mistakes, rethink your actions and find a new way to get what you want. If you are involved in difficult circumstances in your relationships, you cannot defend yourself from criticism. You can evaluate to what extent you cause some of the stresses created by being more aware of this.

Mars retrograde in its most negative manifestation can make you put yourself in a difficult situation that will cause you suffering. If you express your feelings too suddenly and too directly you will not be understood or you will not do it at the right time. If you refuse to talk about them, you can generate frustration and at some point you will burst in an inappropriate manner. You may be able to get out of this situation but you may be pleased throughout this period. A common situation may be that you cannot accept an obvious truth about a sentimental relationship and cause stress to those around you, or it may trigger an unplanned event that can be avoided but you yourself change your life. and the others depending on that event, etc. Another situation can be related to fears, hesitations that can make you withdraw into a relationship when it is not the case. This relegation can cause self-destructive attitudes and can represent a negative attitude in relationships. If you focus on these issues, the solutions can be found and you should not stay in these situations.

Mainly it is not advisable to act impulsively, if you feel frustrated try to find the cause of this (and analyze in particular if it is not a problem related to competitiveness, selfishness or independence – to you or to your loved one), if you have fears or states of anxiety does not withdraw you in isolation and does not remove others from you. It is a very good time to fix the relational problems because now you can see things from another angle.

Throughout the year, those who are not married, will hesitate to take this step without a real analysis and without understanding what exactly such a reality entails. Aspects predispose to realism, practical sense, organization and all relationships will be subjected to this test. For those who are married, there will be a period when you will probably need to assume more in the marriage relationship. More situations are possible and you will probably face a greater or lesser degree with all. First of all, it will not be as easy to get your life partner’s collaboration for various reasons, problems in his life may have to be dealt with – related to service, financial, relational, etc. – and to deal with them more. for a long time, he may experience a decrease in self-confidence and become hesitant, he may have to leave for a period of time for service reasons, etc .; it may be necessary for you to do certain things to support it and to perceive it as a burden or a limitation of your personal freedom. Either of these situations will first appear to be a test of your involvement in the relationship. If the relationship is stable and built on a solid basis, it will be more difficult for you, but you will overcome these moments if there are major problems between you, you will flirt with the thought of giving up. At the end of the period, this transit will leave you more mature, more responsible and more aware of your situation in terms of relationships.

Horoscope for work and career 2020

This can be an extremely stressful and distressing time especially if you have allowed your life to run in an organized routine that cannot be changed easily. This is a tense period because your desire for change and new experiences seems hampered by circumstances or other people. If you have experienced unpleasant conditions in terms of service or career, they will become much harder to bear now. The tension can become so great that you will resort to radical actions that you would not have anticipated a short time ago.

During this period you will meet the challenge of making a creative change without triggering a destructive revolution. If you try to cope with the pressure of the situation, longing for change in the face of the obstacles that arise, you will experience a strong tension that does not do you good health and especially with regard to your nervous system.

Some are extremely aware of the need for change in their lives. When they are hit by this influence, the changes begin to take place which can be quite annoying and unpleasant. These changes can also take the form of accidents that often represent a consequence of releasing tension from the subconscious.

You will have problems with any relationship that seems to hold you in place. Relationships can be broken now, but not those in which both partners are open to new and challenging experiences. This pivot represents a threat to structures that have become routine and rigid.

Your work situation can become oppressive if you are assigned new responsibilities without the stimulation or opportunity of a new experience. And here is the danger of a sudden interruption if you fail to incorporate change into your daily routine. You have the feeling that those in authority are oppressive and are the target of your negative energies.

From a positive point of view, you have the ability to show patience in relation to what is happening and you can sense the need for change, but you want to hurry things and put everything over your head. However, you can make these changes in an orderly manner. You can present ideas to others with tact, care, logic and yet manage to impress them with your original thinking. Your employers and superiors will appreciate your disciplined approach to new and original ideas if you choose this way of expression.

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