What is it Like to Have a Relationship with a Taurus in 2021?

Here are some truths about living with a Taurus native:

Privacy – 65%

Aries is patronized by Mars, while Taurus is by Venus. Both planets are related to the physical relationship, the differences appear, however, at the final goal. Aries is guided by instinct and wants to perpetuate the species and spread the genetic material. While Taurus wants satisfaction. Taurus wants emotional involvement, passion and sensuality. Aries just wants sex and that’s it.

Trust – 80%

Both Aries and Taurus have the ability to form a couple based on honesty. None of them avoid challenges and have a positive attitude towards commitments. However, infidelities can appear in the couple’s relationships because they are in constant search of true love. In addition, Aries lacks emotion, and Taurus lacks self-confidence, which makes them both susceptible to love triangles.

Communication and intellect – 40%

Everyone knows: both Taurus and Aries have horns. Not only are they very stubborn, but they don’t even understand their stubbornness. Aries screams, screams, manifests. Taurus, on the other hand, does nothing. He just bends over, raises his eyebrows and is silent. When he’s nervous, Taurus doesn’t hear anymore. Which irritates Aries even more. In order to have a good relationship together, Taurus must set some very clear boundaries and trust him, while Aries must let his voice down. At least a little.

Values ​​- 90%

An area where Aries and Taurus are compatible, although they seem different. Their main goal is material security. Both cherish courage, strength, honor. He surrounds himself with people who will not disappoint them.

-the Taurus native feels the need for security both emotionally and financially. Show good intuition;

is skilled in practical problems, knows how to look for solutions to any problem. He rarely gets upset, but when he does, beware of him

-because it has a lot of sensuality, the bull will easily attach to the opposite sex;

-even if he has many adventures in his youth, he is possessive and impulsive, when he wants to start a family he will calm down;

-generally has no health problems, has a very resistant body. He becomes seriously ill, and when he does, he heals quickly;

-it is responsible and proves an extraordinary work force

-the Taurus native is sociable and easily maintains friendships and marital relationships;

-the Taurus native is possessive, jealous and does not like competition. He works hard to satisfy all his whims;

-when it comes to fashion, the Taurus native has an extraordinary aesthetic sense;

-nature has endowed him with a special, special and natural beauty. It eclipses those around it simply by its mere appearance.

Below is a bonus of 30 truths about the Taurus sign. What do you say, do they fit?

The family represents everything to them.

The music manages to calm a nervous nervous Taurus.

The bull should not say too much. His face will speak for him.

Unlike other people, when a Taurus says I love you, it means so.

In the most difficult moments, Taurus will be there for you.

On some days, the Taurus native will be very hardworking, while on others he will just want to be lazy on the couch, at a movie.

Did you upset a Taurus? I hope God has mercy on your soul.

Taurus believes that no matter how many times he falls, he will always manage to get up.

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