Yearly 2020 Astrology Predictions

Until December 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn will appreciate integrity, common sense, patience, reflection, wisdom, accuracy, discretion, retention, reliability, self-control and self-confidence. And we can achieve our ambitions by developing self-discipline, responsibility and the ability to organize and structure our lives, to open ourselves to new experiences and to explore other ways to materially and spiritually enrich ourselves.

Ambition is the currency of Capricorn, integrity is its main value, hard work is the basic concept of the reality of the Capricorn sign. “Reality” is indeed a key word of Jupiter in Capricorn that takes us close to everything we have tried to wear with other clothes.

This horoscope made according to the energization of the astrological houses (the areas of our life) by Jupiter in Capricorn is more accurate for those who know the sign of the ascendant, so if you know the sign of the ascendant, first read the horoscope for the ascendant and then for the sun sign.


Keywords – Career, status, reputation

Jupiter in Capricorn will be on hand in House X, a house that talks about career, reputation, social position, professional ambitions, politics, social life. There are opportunities for professional expansion and positive developments in your career. This energy can put you in the light of the spotlight, receive certain bonuses for recognizing your work, you can make an important journey, you can participate in events that extend your life in a positive direction. The focus is on the profession, career, status, reputation, increasing your confidence, you can travel more and these trips are related to your career. You can receive help from influential people, you can receive an important prize. You must be realistic and moderate in your decision-making process. With Jupiter in Capricorn as a challenging aspect with your Sun in Aries, you should be careful of some traps that could nullify all the benefits. Basically, this influence is a test of discipline, correctness, morality. Sometimes, you may feel that life offers you everything you need, without any effort from you, but this is also a false notion. Sometimes this aspect encourages ego, excessive pride, arrogance, so in this case you must learn that pride goes before the fall. In certain circumstances, this influence conflicts with the law or with someone else in a court of law. Now, the lack of vigilance, the harmful associations of the past bring betrayal, legal or administrative inconvenience. Errors, negligence in the career are sanctioned. Basically, this influence is a test of your discipline and self-mastery. If Jupiter gets upset, do it because you got off the right path, you weren’t paying attention. Pay attention to the business you do (you can enter into associations with people you will actually lose) because you can very easily lose money. And do not forget, Jupiter saves but also judges. You must strive to respect the rules and the higher laws of life.


Jupiter in Capricorn will be on hand in house IX, a house that talks about high knowledge, higher education, foreignness, relationship with strangers. Jupiter in this house stimulates your intellect, gives you vitality, enthusiasm, intuition, dreams that are achieved, achieved through moral qualities and faith. Social expansion or profit can come from travel, abroad, internet, faith, higher education. Jupiter favors travel to other countries, you can find a job abroad, you can increase your knowledge. You will set aside your prejudices and explore deeper spirituality, connection with God. This year will also be very good for solving some legal problems. Promotional activities are highly favored and could be an important key to your success in foreign business. Your mind is more expansive and tolerant and you are less stressed than usual. Because of this, you may be able to get a clear perspective on your life, your place in this big world. Belief in your purpose and in a higher sense of your life will help open doors for your development. Jupiter in Capricorn in a friendly earth sign with the sign of your Sun, offers an abundance of positive experiences, though not necessarily from the outside world. The gift that you can receive is often manifested as greater self-confidence which encourages you to see what is best in yourself and to accept others as they are. Can it also bring a reward for past work, so success should come? from whatever you worked hard for. Generosity can play a significant role for you, because there is the possibility of gaining a greater understanding of what you have to offer. This may mean that your talents become more accessible to be recognized by others. It is an excellent time to help others in any way possible, because you have access to a greater wealth of resources than usual. Strengthening your vitality can serve to rejuvenate your being. Regardless of what you earn by December 2020, your prosperity will not only be linked to money but also to your knowledge, the transmission of the truth about who you are. It is a wonderful year (2020) to work on expanding projects and promoting their own goals. You will feel greater protection and divine guidance, you will be at the right place and at the right time. Traveling is very beneficial, it can help you to extend your joy but also your knowledge in an important way. You will learn a lot easier now and you will have a special interest in philosophical or metaphysical topics or you may be involved in legal issues that will be in your favor. Relationships can be improved.


Jupiter in Capricorn will hold your hand in the 8th house, a domain of shared or received goods, intimacy, fidelity, common finances with the spouse, the partner’s income, commissions, credits, trust in the partner, land taxes, spiritual taxes . You are accompanied by an energy that can light your way to everything that is hidden and will block you in business, intimate life, money, credits, games for power, secret relationships. The magnificent Jupiter can reward you with financial gifts, an inheritance, with the love of your life. But what is most important this year is that Jupiter can become for you the teacher who will teach you live about the secrets of life, about the death of the ego and your transformation. It is a year of great changes in which sudden, unexpected and quite rapid things happen. You may feel that you are out of control as your life changes and aligns with something better. Jupiter in the 8th house is also an extension of your intuition, let yourself be guided by it knows best what you need to do to be well, to balance yourself financially, to liquidate certain bank loans. Increases the responsibility for managing a wealth, inheritance, leading a group, favors situations where you can work in a group, self-transformation, self-mastery, a higher level of understanding, intuition, compassion, wisdom. Jupiter in Capricorn in conjunction (karmic aspect of 150 degrees) with the Sun in Gemini, stimulates a permanent agitation and a desire to exceed your limits, the problem is to know first how far you can go. Your path may undergo many changes this year, even if you think you are quite grounded in a position, a role, a project, something is happening and will change the direction. The conjunction appears every time you can do something, get something but at a loss, give up something. Many adjustments are necessary, you must be flexible, you are on a ramp and if you are not careful, you can unbalance. And do not forget, Jupiter saves but also judges.

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